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Good Morning America

February 2020

Our book The Art Of Breaking Up that just came out was promoted on Good Morning America today.

The Comsopolitain

December 2019

Our book that is coming our just before Valentine's day was featured  in the Cosmopolitan as number three on their must read reading list.

Crate Challenge

November 2017

I started as the new project leader of the Crate Challenge at Hitrecord, a collaborative graphic design project. These are some of the art work we have made. Find the full credits here

Emmy Nomination

July 2017

Today was announced that the video's we made with Hitrecord in collaboration with ACLU and Edward Snowdon are nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding original Internactive Program! You can view the video's here

New Venue FPOE Exhibition

January 2017

Our exhibition has moved to HOTEL 1857 in Paducah, KY, USA.

HOTEL 1857

The Patterns Book

November 2016

I collaborated on this big and beautiful photography book all about patterns. This first photo in the chapter 'Circles' is a photo of my mother's fruit bowl. Now for sale in the online HitRECord store.

Book of Patterns


October 2016

I caved. I joined Instagram. You can follow me here as I travel through Amsterdam in my daily life or around the world  Some of my Instagram images are for sale here

Amsterdam Makers Festival 

September 2016

On August 19th-21th 2016 the Amsterdam Maker Festival took place on the Marineterrein in the city centre of Amsterdam. I was invited to exhibit two of my photo art works as part of the European Makers Network exhibition. My model came to visit. The location was magnificant. 

The Opening at the Janice Mason Museum

August 2016

August 20th was the opening of the first FPOE exhibition. It was a big succes and will run until October 8th. 

The Book of the Exhibition

August 2016

I just finished the design of the book that accompanies our exhibition in the Janice Mason Art Museum.

You can view and buy it here

Janice Mason Art Museum

Janice Mason Art Museum

July 2016

A few more weeks until our group show in the Janice Mason Art Museum in the US opens. I designed the promotional images for social media.

  • Janice Mason Museum

National Park Service

July 2016

In collaboration with many talented artist from around the world we made a card game, a postcard series and a colouring book inspired by the National Parks of the USA. It is part of a Hitrecord project for the National Park Service who turns 100 this year. Now for sale in the online store

National Park Service USA
National Park Service USA
National Park Service USA

People Magazine

May 2016

Last week Jopeph Gordon-Levitt announced the launch of the apparel collection we made for the National Park Service in People Magazine and on Twitter. I designed the print of the bag. 

Hitrecord On TV

August 2015 

Last year I joined Hitrecord. It is an collaborative production company founded and owned by actor and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They just aired the Tv epsiode that I contributed on. Find the segment I participated on here. I also made several graphic designs and gif animations that were used for the network's marketing campaign.

Beakerhead Festival

September 2014

One of my photos was part of the Beakerhead exhibition on September 10 to 13  in Calgary, Canada. Along with art work by Banksy and other artist that were part of Papergirl Calgary 2014 my art was projected along 17th Avenue SW out of the eyes of a giant laser cat. Beakerhead is an annual festival that brings together art and engineering and exhibits interactive works of art and engineered entertainment. 

Beakerhead Festival

Beakerhead Festival

Laser projection of art out of cat's eyes, Canada


August 2014

Growing up in the low lands where natural rocks are a foreign concept, I am always intrigued by rocks when I travel abroad. Their many different formations and structures inspire me in my art.

1: Alpine Rock.2: Pancake Rock, NZ.3: Maltese neolithic temple.4: Boulder of Greek ruin. 5:  Altar Boulder of Maltese temple ruin. 6: Greek temple boulder. 7: Spanish contemporary footpath. 8: Alpine Rock. 9:  Lava, Lanzarote. 10: Timber line German Alps. 11: Native Australian Rock decoration. 12: Oker pit, Australian Outback. 


April 2014

It's that time of year again when Holland's landscape turns full of color. 


January 2014

My first exhibition in Amsterdam was a succes! Thank you all for coming and see you at the next one!


January 2014

Working hard to get everything ready...

Exhibition Amsterdam

January 2014

Sunday January 26th I will exhibit my new photo art series in the  Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts. 3 pm (15.00), Oudeschans 21, Amsterdam.


New Photo Art Series

December 2013

Currently I am working on making new structures/textures to use in my new photo art series I plan to make in 2014.

Making New Plans

December 2013

Sunday afternoon my friend and I went to an exhibition by Tomoko Mukaiyama. Laying on the fatboys in the middle of the installation looking at the fascinating view above us we felt inspired to plan some new projects for the new year. It is going to be an exciting year so stay tuned...!

Photo Art Portraits Series Finished!

November 2013

For over a year I have been working on my latest series Photo Art Portraits and today I finished the last piece! All there is left today for me to do is to decide which version of the last work I like best. Photo Art Portraits is a series I made of ‘recycled’ portraits. Photos that I had discarded because they had failed their original purpose. I felt challenged to re-use these photos in a new work of art. I started by making photos of structures. Like the windows of the UN building or a close-up of a fabric. Inspired by shapes of the body, I made collages of my failed photos and photos of structures by layering different photos on top of each other. I didn't use photoshop, I only layered photos,  rotated the layers and sometimes added a filter with free software.

'Art in The Toilet'

August 2013

This month two of my photographs are part of the Exhibition "Art In The Toilet" curated by Stacey Frett in the Murray Art Guild in Kentucky in the United States. The exhibition will be ongoing through the rest of the year.

Stacey Frett: "What might you ask is this about? I was looking at providing a show in an alternative space. The Gallery at the Murray Art Guild is often booked a year or two in advance. I thought why not try and put up a show in a room here that gets very little use -- The W.C., Restroom, Bathroom, or Toilet as it is often referred to. My idea was received with interest, laughter, and some reservations. "Why would you want to put up a show in a bathroom of all places?" was the commonly asked question by artists and people in general. My answer was simply "Why Not?" All to often convention leads us to not explore alternative spaces to hang art. The global village is getting smaller and space is becoming a premium."

Murray Art Guild, USA

Exhibition Calgary 2013

August 2013

Last year I was part of a  project called Papergirl in Calgary, Canada. Papergirl is an annual pedal-powered, volunteer based, community oriented art project that redefines “street-art”. It started in Berlin and is spreading around the globe. They had an exhibition in the Epcor Centre and after the exhibition all works are rolled up and delivered by papergirls and boys on bikes to unsuspecting public recipients. It is about taking art out of the gallery and into the streets and the art of giving art. Last year they exhibited my photo series Amsterdam in Hipstamatics and one of my black and white travel photography photo's of Calgary Airport.  This year I created something specially for them. The Exhibition opens August 14 at 6pm.

Let's Go!

Magazine Publication

June 2012

The FPOE Collective is a quarterly and independent publication featuring artwork from the Female Photographers of Etsy (FPOE) team. It is a 30 page photo journal featuring up to 22 talented female photographers per volume. One of my photo's is featured in this volume. Available here:  click here

Papergirl Calgary

August 2012

Several of my photographs will be part of Papergirl Calagary this summer. Papergirl is a pedal-powered, volunteer based, community oriented art project that redefines “street-art”. It started in Berlin and is spreading around the globe. At the Epcor Centre in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) an exhibition is held from August 8‐17, 2012; 12 am to 6 pm daily. After the exhibition all works are rolled up and delivered by papergirls and boys on bikes to unsuspecting public recipients. It is about taking art out of the gallery and into the streets and the art of giving art. The 'Giftervention Day' is August 18 and begins at 11 am. The route remains a sectret. This photo is one of my photos that will be exhibited and given away to the public:

Calgary, Canada

New Book

July 2012

I have been working on it for a while and now it is finished! TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY IN BLACK AND WHITE is a photography book made with a selection of my black and white photographs that I made on my travels from 2006 until 2010. It contains 38 pages and is available in a hard or soft cover. TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY IN BLACK AND WHITE  can be purchased online when you click here! Full preview available.

'Travel Photography in Black and White'

Book Publication

July 2011

The book 'Still, the Art of Living' was just published! A book of 198 pages of photography about the beauty in everyday living, published by the collective of international photographers called FPOE that I am a part of. Two of my photos are featured. Available for purchase here: Click Here

'Still The Art Of Living'

Marine Etablissement Tour

December 2011

The Marine Etablissement in Amsterdam is an area of the city centre that has always been closed to the public. The gated and guarded etablissement was open for a few hours yesterday to the public. I took a tour in the pouring rain and took some pictures of their view. They have some beautiful views over Amsterdam that you can only get from there.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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