Sara Meijer (1981) is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. After obtaining a BA in Theater/Dance Dramaturgy she shifted her focus to photography. She specializes in fine art photography, travel photography, portraiture and photo art. She gets inspired by movement/stillness and emotion. Life is full of movement and tension. Sometimes different elements, like light, timing, expression, and composition and colors, unexpectedly come together and create a unique image or atmosphere. Life is never still, but photography is and therefore can capture these unique moments that can create powerful images. Sara likes to capture things as she sees them around her. Therefore only uses natural light, doesn’t stage anything and doesn’t or very little edits her photographs. Except for the Photo Art series. Here, she re-uses her ‘failed’ photographs and turns them into collages to make a new art work. Prices are on request. Photographs are signed on the backside and are sold unframed.


-2016: Opening August 20th: Janice Mason Art Museum, Kentucky, USA.

-September 2014: Beakerhead Exhibition, Calgary, Canada. (Street Projection)

-Augusts 2014: Epcor Centre, Calgary, Canada.

-2013-'14: Murray Art Guild, Kentucky, USA

-January 2014: Amsterdam House of Arts and Crafts, Amsterdam, NL. Solo exhibition.

-August 2013: Epcor Centre, Calgary, Alberta Canada.

-August 2012: Epcor Centre, Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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