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A few years ago I woke up one day and could not feel my legs anymore. I looked at them for some time trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I was fine when I went to sleep the night before but now it felt like they were no longer mine. I lied on my bed for hours disregarding reality. Until I had to pee and reality hit me. I was disabled. During my recovery I was home bound for most of the time. I started looking at my house in a different way. Because I was unable to work as a travel photographer anymore I taught myself how to 'travel' in my house. Exploring by looking. In this photo series I wanted to show the beauty in the ordinary things, those things we don't pay attention to in our busy daily lives. Some of the photos of this series I used for my graphic design work. Some ended up in a book, as a fashion design, a short doc, postcards, a tv show episode and an animated shorts. Although I would never want do this part of my life over again, at least something productive came out of it.

I started exploring in my bedroom, where I spend most of my days. I focused on the shapes of my sheets and started photographing them.

I often fell on the ground while I was recovering. This was my my view.


Staring at the ceiling day after day was the most mind numbing experience of my life. I tried to find a way to make it look less like a ceiling and more like art.

My next project was the kitchen.

Wine bottle with a view

In the living room I created still lives.

And looked at the textures in the objects around me.

Fruit bowl

Table cloth

Gift box

Unable to go out of the house by my self I spend a lot of time on the balcony. It was not the most inspiring environment to say the least.

Some of the products that my photo series resulted in.

Book of Patterns
National Park Service USA
Short Showcase
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